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En Sueco is the monthly magazine for Swedes in Spain
The editorial backbone of our publication is made up of current events, news reviews, politics and finance, while other sections cover indepth and topical information on subjects that concern readers’ lives in Spain.
We also offer refreshing and interesting features on health, food and wine, sport, travel and décor designed for the many Swedish-speaking residents and visitors to southern Spain. Our readership is estimated, modestly, at three per copy. According to our most recent survey results, approximately 40.000 Swedes are residents in Spain – the majority based on the Costa del Sol. The largest group is represented by the retired (25%), the early retired (50%) – people who have left Sweden for a better quality of life in the sun and on the golf courses – bringing with them a high buying potential. The remaining 25 % own, manage or work in the thousands of businesses in the area, a professionally active group.

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12.500 guaranteed monthly copies
– the most cost-effective gateway to the Scandinavian market in Spain.

Each month, the 1st of the month.

The 15th of the month prior to publication.

(+34) 952 58 15 53

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